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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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Ronald H. Ballou
Weatherhead School of Management Case Western Reserve University

(C) Copyright 1992-2004 Ronald H. Ballou

All rights reserved

SELECTED COMPUTER PROGRAMS FOR LOGISTICS/SUPPY CHAIN PLANNING LOGWARE is a collection of selected software programs that is useful for analyzing a variety oflogistics/supply chain problems and case studies. It contains the following modules. Module FORECAST Page 5 9 13 15 24 33 37 41 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 62 Forecasts time series data by means of exponential smoothing and time series decomposition methods ROUTE Determines the shortest path through a network of routes ROUTESEQ Determines the best sequence to visit stops on a route ROUTER Develops routes andschedules for multiple trucks serving multiple stops INPOL Finds optimal inventory ordering policies based on economic order quantity principles COG Finds the location of a single facility by the exact center-of-gravity method MULTICOG Locates a selected number of facilities by the exact center-of-gravity method PMED Locates a selected number of facilities by the P-median method WARELOCA A warehouselocation program for specifically analyzing the Usemore Soap Company case study LAYOUT Positions products in warehouses and other facilities MILES Computes approximate distance between two points using latitude-longitude or linear-grid coordinate points TRANLP Solves the transportation method of linear programming LNPROG Solves general linear programming problems by means of the simplex methodMIPROG Solves the mixed integer linear programming problem by means of branch and bound MULREG Finds linear regression equations by means of the stepwise procedure of regression/correlation analysis SCSIM Simulates the flow of a product through five echelons of a supply channel

Each module is selected from the following master screen by clicking on the appropriate button.


HARDWAREREQUIREMENTS LOGWARE is designed for microcomputers operating under WINDOWS 98, NT, 2000, or XP. At least 16MB of RAM should be installed. Hard drive space of at least 10MB should be available. A color monitor capable of producing at least 640x480 pixels resolution is needed, although 800x600 is better and 1024x768 is preferred. Resolutions greater than 1024x768 pixels are not supported. A laser printeris preferred. A mouse is needed. A 3½″ floppy drive and/or a compact disk reader are needed. INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE ON A HARD DRIVE Place the program compact disks in the appropriate drives. In WINDOWS, click on the Start button and then select the Run option from pop-up menu. Type “X:Setup.exe” (“X” being the letter designated for your CD drive) . The program may also be installed with Windows’Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Install option. Change the subdirectory under which the program will be installed if the default subdirectory is not desired. RUNNING THE PROGRAMS After the program is installed, click on the Start button and select Programs. Choose the Logware icon to activate the program. Click on the desired program module. A shortcut icon on the Desktop mayalso be created.


EDITING THE DATA In those modules where a screen data editor is present, the first action is to open a data file by clicking on the module’s Start button. If a file is named that is not in the current list of files, a data shell will be created into which a new problem may be entered. The use of the editor is simple and transparent with a little practice; however, a fewcomments about its use may help to get started. • Press the Ins key to start a new line of data in a matrix. The normal action is to insert a text row at the end of the matrix. The Add button may also be pressed. This will allow a row to be added at the end of the matrix as well as within the matrix. Position the cursor in the matrix row where the row is to be added. Pressing the Esc key clears a...