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Micro Programmable Logic Controller

User’s Manual

• Read this user’s manual to make sure of correct operation before starting installation, wiring, operation, maintenance, and inspection of the MICRO3. • All MICRO3’s are manufactured under IDEC’s rigorous quality control system, but users must add a backup or failsafe provision to the control system using the MICRO3 inapplications where heavy damage or personal injury may be caused in case the MICRO3 should fail. • In this user’s manual, safety precautions are categorized in order of importance to Warning and Caution:

Warning Caution

Warning notices are used to emphasize that improper operation may cause severe personal injury or death. Caution notices are used where inattention might cause personalinjury or damage to equipment.

• Turn power off to the MICRO3 before starting installation, removal, wiring, maintenance, and inspection on the MICRO3. Failure to turn power off may cause electrical shocks or fire hazard. • Special expertise is required to install, wire, program, and operate the MICRO3. People without such expertise must not use the MICRO3. • Emergency and interlockingcircuits must be configured outside the MICRO3. If such a circuit is configured inside the MICRO3, failure of the MICRO3 may cause disorder of the control system, damage, or accidents.

• Install the MICRO3 according to instructions described in this user’s manual. Improper installation will result in falling, failure, or malfunction of the MICRO3. • MICRO3 is designed for installation inequipment. Do not install the MICRO3 outside of equipment. • Install the MICRO3 in environments described in this user’s manual. If the MICRO3 is used in places where the MICRO3 is subjected to high-temperature, high-humidity, condensation, corrosive gases, excessive vibrations, and excessive shocks, then electrical shocks, fire hazard, or malfunction will result. • The pollution degree of the MICRO3is “Pollution degree 2.” Use the MICRO3 in environments of pollution degree 2 (according to IEC664-1). • All DC power type MICRO3 units are “PS2” type (according to EN61131). • Prevent the MICRO3 from falling while moving or transporting the MICRO3, otherwise damage or malfunction of the MICRO3 will result. • Prevent metal fragments and pieces of wire from dropping inside the MICRO3 housing. Put acover on the MICRO3 during installation and wiring. Ingress of such fragments and chips may cause fire hazard, damage, or malfunction. • Use a power supply of the rated value. Use of a wrong power supply may cause fire hazard. • Use wires of a proper size to meet voltage and current requirements. Tighten M3 terminal screws to a proper tightening torque of 0.3 to 0.5 N-m. • Use an IEC127-approvedfuse on the power line outside the MICRO3. This is required when exporting equipment containing MICRO3 to Europe. • Use an IEC127-approved fuse on the output circuit. This is required when exporting equipment containing MICRO3 to Europe. • Use an EU-approved circuit breaker. This is required when exporting equipment containing MICRO3 to Europe. • Make sure of safety before starting and stopping theMICRO3 or when operating the MICRO3 to force outputs on or off. Incorrect operation on the MICRO3 may cause machine damage or accidents. • If relays or transistors in the MICRO3 output circuit fail, outputs may remain on or off. For output signals which may cause heavy accidents, provide a monitor circuit outside of the MICRO3. • Do not connect to the ground directly from the MICRO3. Connect aprotective ground to the equipment containing MICRO3 using an M4 or larger screw. This is required when exporting equipment containing MICRO3 to Europe. • Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the MICRO3. • Dispose of the battery in the MICRO3 when the battery is dead in accordance with pertaining regulations. When storing or disposing of the battery, use a proper container prepared for this...
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