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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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A Traditional Mexican Wedding

The costumes here in Mexico are very important for the wedding, because for the Mexican people, the wedding is a big event in his life’s.

The special date
For thedate of the wedding, the groom can’t see to the bride’s because, if he see her before of the religious ceremony, and if she is already for the weeding, they will have a so much trouble’s in theymarriage. Too the bride’s can’t take her veil before to arrive with the church. In the wedding, the bride’s having to wear some things, apart from her wedding dress. Something ask, something old,something blue and something new.

The party of our dreams
In the party, exist a one special tradition, “la vivora de la mar”, the groom and the bride’s to get up onto the two chair’s and he take’s herveil and the guest’s are going to thought dancing of the veil of the bride’s, and the brade and groom can’t fall of the chair, if it happen, they have a bad lock forever in his wedding.

The beautifulhoney room
For they honey room the groom father’s pay all, the hotel, the food, the holidays, all. Is very important for the bride.
Some day I will married whit my girlfriend, Blanca, I wish this.MIGUEL HERNÀNDEZ ORTIZ
A Traditional Mexican Wedding

A very special day

In Mexico, the wedding is the most important party in their life. Is the most important and the most traditional. is avery special party and exist three kinds: registry office wedding, the church wedding and the party wedding. The first is only a legal process and a little family dinner. In the church wedding iscustomary things for example: the earnest, the loop, the veil, the wedding dress, the bible, the bridal bouquet, the “coginetes” and the rice.

The best party forever

In the party wedding, the bridehas to wear some things, apart from her wedding dress, something old, something blue, Something ask, something new, the league, and the most important, the bride can’t wearing pearl because this...
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