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  • Publicado : 24 de septiembre de 2010
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Rev. 10/21/03

Lindsey Manufacturing Company Current and Voltage Monitoring Insulator

Installation Instructions
(Clamp Top Style)
The Lindsey Current and voltage Monitoring Insulator (CVMI) isdesigned to be installed without de-energizing the line or cutting the main conductor. The CVMI can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical line post configuration, depending on the accessoryhardware used. Following the instructions below will insure a safe and simple installation. 1. Pre-assemble the hardware accessories to the insulator. This may include the horizontal or the verticalclamp adapter, the conductor clamp, the bottom-mounting stud and /or the horizontal mounting base. The actual hardware will depend on the specific installation. CHOKE INSTALLATION ONLY: The bottomhalf of the choke should be bolted to the conductor clamp. The top half of the choke should be loosely bolted to one side of the bottom half, allowing it to swing out of the when installing theconductor. The choke should not be closed over the main conductor until after the jumper loop has been installed. The top and bottom halves of the choke are marked with a serial number, and it is importantthat the mating halves of the choke are used. Also, each choke is matched to the CVMI at the time of shipment and should be used with the proper CVMI. The “Certification Data Sheet” for each insulatorwill indicate the matching choke number to use. 2. If the CVMI is replacing an existing insulator, raise the conductor away from the insulator using standard techniques and remove the existinginsulator. 3. Mount the Lindsey CVMI with H1 identification labeled on the tube (opposite side of connector) closest to the supply or the substation direction. 4. Connect the base of the CVMI to ground.


5. Plug the signal wire from the base of the pole into the connector at the base of the insulator. 6. Place the bare...
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