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The six Bronte children grew up in the small village of Haworth in Yorkshire, England. Their father Patrick was a Church of England priest in Haworth. Their mother, Maria, died in 1821, when theoldest child was only seven.
A few years after their mother is death, the four oldest girl went to a church boarding school. It was a terrible experience and ended in disaster. The school was cold, thefood was bad, and the teachers were very strict. Eleven year old Maria and ten year old Elizabeth Bronte became very ill. Their father brought the four girl home, but Maria and Elizabeth never gotbetter. They died of tuberculosis a few months later.
From 1824 to 1831, the four surviving Bronte children, charlotte, Branwell (the only boy), Emily, and any, stayed at home and has classes with theirfather and their aunt. They did not have friends outside their home, and they did not meet the children in the village. It was a very quiet life, but the children were close to each other in age, andthey loved using their imagination. They enjoyed reading and wrote little books in tiny writing for branwell is toy soldiers to read.
Later on, the three girls worked as teachers. Charlotte andAnne were private teachers to the children of rich families. Then, for a short time, charlotte and Emily taught at a girls school in Brussels. None of them enjoyed teaching, and, when their aunt died andleft them some money, they decided to stay at their family home, writing.
Charlotte is Jane Eyre, Emily is Wuthering heights, and Anne is Agnes grey were published in 1847. But the Bronte family didnot have long to celebrate. In 1848, branwell died of tuberculosis. Nine months later, Emily and Anne were dead of the same illness.
Jane Eyre was a great success. Charlotte Bronte made a lot ofmoney from it and became pretty famous. She wrote several more novels before marrying in 1854. Tragically, she died a year later at the age of 39.
The Bronte’s house in Haworth is now a museum. You...
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