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The history of technology is the story of the invention of tools and techniques with a practical purpose. The modern history is closely associated with the history of science since the discovery ofnew knowledge has created new things and, conversely, has been able to make new scientific discoveries through the development of new technologies that have expanded the possibilities forexperimentation and knowledge acquisition.

Technology is a broad concept that encompasses a set of skills, knowledge and processes used to design and construction of objects to satisfy human needs.

Insosaiti, technology is a result of science and enginiring, although many advances tenchology subsequent to these two concepts.

The technology comes from the Greek word token (technical, trade) andlogos (science, knowledge).

This are some examples of technology:
(Enseño los celulares la cámara y todo eso)
There are many styles computers right now this are some parts of computer:keyboard, monitor and cpu.

the cell is a device with which you can send messages or call.

the ipod is used to listen music ae ecod pictures o play some games.

Thank you.Pleito
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