Marionettes, inc.

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  • Publicado : 22 de mayo de 2011
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After Mr. Braling Two (Braling Two) kissed Mrs. Braling and they talked about the relation they have had during the last 9 years, she was reallysurprised about the new attitude he was getting, he tried to explain to her that the first year they were together, could not be so amazing and hewanted to get all that back, the admitted all his mistakes and asked for forgiveness, she was not getting all that right, but she felt comfortableand happy for the new way of acting from Mr. Braling.
One day, while they were in Central Park, they saw Mr. Smith, Mrs. Braling was really gladfor seeing him after 2 weeks, in some way she was surprised because she did not call (he calls almost 2 or 3 times a week), Mr. Braling did not sayanything, it was like he did not know Mr. Smith. For Mrs. Braling the attitude of her husband was unexpected so at home she asked him, he did notwant to talk about it, so it got worse. They got angry at each other and after the discussion they hugged, but Mrs. Braling heard thetick-tick-tick-tick… She didn´t say anything but she thought that wasn´t normal for a human.
Mrs. Braling found a car at Mr. Braling pants where it said“Marionettes, Inc.” so she knew it wasn´t her husband, it was a marionette, she went downstairs and found the enormous box, when she tried to opened herhusband body fell in her arms, he was sleeping, when he woke up she told him everything and they act as they had to, and they went to Rio together.
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