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The Car Box is a product developed to help consumers to maintain their cars clutter free as the main purpose, so we have designed our product to fulfill our customer’s needs by saving their money, time and effort. The product will be introduced to the market with the brand name of Go Clean in order to differentiate ourselves from other similar existing products and buildcustomer brand loyalty.
The target market for the Car box has been identified in the next table.
Target Markets Analysis
Market | People involved | Needs | Point of sales | Customer Behaviours | Future developments |
Occupational Drivers | Consultants, Taxi drivers,Sales representatives,Other work on the road | Constant need for trash to throw food eaten while driving for meetings and work.To stay organized | Specialized stores for car | The trash may stay in place for a long time. Cleanliness is important for them. Must be practical | Make more aesthetic version. |
Travelers | People who travel long distances | To keep the car empty of garbage during long travels | Convenience stores, Discount stores | Sometimes, need to throw high Volume of garbage. | Make trash with a biggerVolume |
Families | Car travel involving many passengers and young people | Always. To throw diapers or food. Usually when the car is full of people | Discount Stores, Baby care stores | High price sensitivity Must be inexpensive and practical. | Make trash with a bigger Volume,Develop trash that goes to the backseat |

Our price strategy is to offer the car box for $2.99because it reaches the willingness to pay of the customers and it is below the price of competitors for a product that lasts a shorter time. We also want to offer a package with 2 Go Clean at the price of $ 4.99 as a psychological pricing. We think consumers will buy our product at this price because is cheaper than competitor’s prices; once they try the car box and know how it works, they can startthinking in switch to our product, this will push customers to buy two products instead of only one. We decided to diminish this price for two reasons; the first is to sale a high quantity of products instead of fewer products, and the second reason is because the lower price can attract other targets.
Long-Term Strategy
For the purpose of growing as a profitable company, here is the long-termstrategy. Here is the development in the next months and years. In the next table, you will be able to understand the main differences between the 3 strategies presented.

Table – The Differences between Strategies
| Short-term Strategy | Long-term Strategy 1 | Long-term Strategy 2 |
Family of products | ·         CarBox | ·         CarBox·         CarBox with advertising | ·        CarBox with advertising·         CarBox in plastic |
Purchasing | Staples or any generic store | Generic stores until GoClean has the purchase power to order from specialized manufacturer | Strategic purchasing strategy that minimizes the cost of material bought. Building relationship with manufacturers |
Labor | Free and provided by the team | Paid and provided by the team and part-time employees |Outsourcing is less expensive when there is an important Volume demanded. Labor for management, quality verification and R&D |
Sales point | U. W.  Market | Internet and others | As many points as possible |
Marketing | ·         Direct only, social Medias. | ·         Continuing social media, creating and advertising of a website.Push strategy mostly to sale in retail stores | ·        Increasing Pull strategy by advertising in different medias·         Continuing push strategy·         Advertisement for the different products |
Investment needed | 15$ (the amount received previously) | ·         Need investment to pay for the assembly, for the inventory and for the facility.·         Also to purchase from specialized distributors | ·         Need major investment to...
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