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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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I chose the career of marketing , because i love the ads flyers advertising commercials but especially the brands and products marketing to me is the best that I have a business that just beingstarted and need marketing
I started in the cbtis 24 in the career of electronic that in my dreams was to study mechatronics if you do not follow from this decided to study marketing my friends studiedother things .
I was the only one in my room to study something other than what was girl. In the cbtis 24 a one day I went out a trip to use caught my attention the spectacular were very large andcalled much attention from people mark their shapes and colors are very striking characters had programs of TV , movies and more. Because of it to decide enter to the ulsa victory for which it is theonly university that has this career that is a marketing that now is my favorite career only one bad I take matters of mathematics that impede me very much.
since the mathematics are not my andacquaintance many friends and learned much of my teachers especially to the teacher bond since she is one of the Englishman's best teachers and very entertaining and especially very prepared in surnameBOND says it , all my friends estimate me for what I am and for that I help wings you present because of it to decided to enter to the project of it televisa iniciativa mexico, since I have an idea offinishing with the poverty using strategies and things of marketing for which my idea is this with that the persons of low resources that they devote themselves to sow, to harvest, to do cheeses ectwe them will be able to help.

It is of joining pupils when ideas to give of logos packings in order that these persons have a product. That the product goes out to the sale in the store of hiscommunity or other parts.
Other one of the things that to decided to choose the career of marketing is for that I want to go away of exchange since it is one of the things that I want to do in order...
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