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training extract


Edition 4

General Introduction
Welcome to the fourth edition of the Passenger Air Tariff (PAT) - Training Extract!
This single volume Training Extract has been specially created to provide instructors and students with all the necessary airline fares, rules, fare construction principles and ticketing information required for all levels of fares and ticketingcourses. Other travel-related courses may also use this selected data. Instructors may use this data in support of their own training programmes, confident in the knowledge that PAT as the authoritative source of industry and carrier fares and rules data has published the contents for and on behalf of the airline industry. Students may use the Extract as the indispensable reference tool to accompanytheir courses. Copies have been priced so each student can have their own copy. PAT wishes you every success and learning pleasure in using this Training Extract. The Extract will also serve to familiarise you with the full range of Passenger Air Tariff Publications.


General Information about the Training Extract

The Extract provides selective coverage of airline industry and carrierpassenger tariff information extracted from the entire suite of PAT. Customer research indicates that this publication should be re-issued on an annual basis. Should you have any special requests for information that you would like to see included in subsequent editions, please do let us know at the address shown on “How to Contact Us” page.


What is Published in the Training Extract?

TheExtract contains representative selections from the April 2005, January 2002 and April 2001 PAT and includes the following data: GENERAL RULES Country/City Coding/Decoding Lists (April 2005) Abbreviations and Definitions (April 2005) Application of Tariff (including information about Fare Construction Rules changes effective 15 January 2005) (April 2005) Ticketing Principles and Examples (April2005) Baggage Rules (April 2005) Currency Regulations (April 2005) Taxes (January 2002) Carriers’ Special Regulations (April 2005) Ticketed Point Mileages (April 2001) WORLDWIDE FARES Currency Rules and Conversion rates (April 2001) Worldwide Industry and Carrier Normal and Special fares (April 2001) Worldwide Industry Add-ons (April 2001) Worldwide Routings (April 2001) Carrier Routings (April2001) WORLDWIDE RULES How to Use Fares Rules (April 2001) Standard Conditions (April 2001) Industry and Carrier Fare Rules (including Visit fares rules and Round the World (RTW) Rules (April 2001) MAXIMUM PERMITTED MILEAGES (April 2001) Validity Indicator for Special Fares Tickets Excess Mileage Table


How to Use the Training Extract

The Extract has 4 sections. These 4sections replicate PAT publications, namely: the General Rules, Worldwide Fares, Worldwide Rules, and the MPM Book. This is a new concept where EH and WH fares and rules data has been merged into Worldwide Fares book and Worldwide Rules book from January 2005 issue.


Contents Pages and Pagination

The main Contents page for the Extract lists all individual sections. The individual sectionContents also show page bleed positions for each sub-section: both have been designed to provide efficient navigation through the Extract.

3.2 3.4 3.5

Page Tabs and Page “Bleeds” “How to Use …” Fares Pages

Page tabs with section names have different position for each section of PAT books to help a quick navigation for the Content page to the appropriate section. “How to Use...”instructions with examples introduce the fares, fares rules, add-ons, ticketed point mileages and maximum permitted mileage sections. Extracts of the Fare Rules and Routings referenced on the Fares pages are published in the relevant Fare Rules and Routings section of this Extract to support your Training needs. Full publication of the Fare Rules and Routings referenced on the Fares pages can be found in...
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