Martes con morrie

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The event that changed my life

By Jannette Rojas

All the people in sometime of our lives are confronted with facts that, of one another

way, radically change our form of being,thinking, acting and to express our deepest

feelings. In fact, come to my mind the memory of a reunion of friends a day in a small

tea room. All we talked about old times and how we hadchanged physically and

mentally. When it was my turn to share my feelings with my friends I consider a

fundamental fact that total change to my life. This event was the birth of myfirst

daughter Maria Camila. First of all, I was very young. I was newly married and in spite

of all, I felt a woman fully realized.

Maria Camila was born when I was young,inexperienced and was studying. First of

all, I ended my time as a teenager, the girl was my first daughter and I had very little

experience in life. For example, when I got the wonderful news that Iwas pregnant, I did

not know whether to laugh or cry, I was in shock. Second, I was starting to study my

career and it was very hard because I had many health problems in early pregnancy, infact, my academic performance down. Third, I was very inexperienced in many aspects

of everyday life. For instance, I did not know cooking, ironing, washing etc. However, I

was very happy tobe a mother.

I was newly married and start a new life with my husband when my daughter was

born. Before the girl was born the couple's relationship was like when we were courtshipbecause we went for food, dancing, walking with friends, the cinema, etc. Then

everything was changing little by little because began our sleepless nights caring for the

baby, our mealtimes changed, momentarily ended the festivities, the outputs of a stroll

or a cinema. In end, started the spectacular experience of being a mom but not really

learned or enjoyed the first stage...
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