Matematicas descubrimiento o invencion

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  • Publicado : 10 de enero de 2012
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1. The Classical Greek philosopher Plato was of the view that math was discoverable, and that it is what underlies the very structure of our universe. He believed that by following the intransientinbuilt logic of math, a person would discover the truths independent of human observation and free of the transient nature of physical reality.
Is math more of an invention or a discovery? In myopinion, the difference between a discovery and an invention is that an invention is a device created from established knowledge and a discovery is a finding of a preexistent truth.
Math can also be seenas conceptual derivatives of nature, that is discovered, translated into a language of pure symbols, and then either furtherly developed or applied as a tool that functions like an invention.
Thegeometrical shape of the circle is an abstraction that can be derived from human faces, flowers, wheels, or spreading ripples. The discovery of math in the natural world could also lead to morepossibilities - There are Fibonacci series in flowers, logarithmic spirals in snails, fractals in mountain ranges, parabolas in home runs, and in the spherical shape of stars and planets and bubbles.(Natureof mathematics). The discovery of the Fibonacci series nature inspires the mathematical concept of the Golden Ratio, which is then recognized as the proportion that is universally, the mostaesthetically pleasing. The Golden Ratio that once showed up only in nature, is later used as a method for constructing art, architecture, music, and designs, and it is also at this stage that it serves in samemanner as any other human invention.
In conclusion, I believe like how a discovery must come before an invention, Math is a knowledge that must first be discovered and elaborated, before becoming thefoundation for an applicable invention. Like a science, Math encompasses the study of the physical world; but like an art, Math is a natural pattern that arranges and structures the world in a way...
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