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Phonological Analysis BBN-ANG-241_01 BBN-ANG-243 Advanced Phonology: Phonological Analysis 1. Introduction

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Kiss Zoltán / Nádasdy Ádám / Starcevic Attila / Szigetvári Péter /Törkenczy Miklós Dept of English Linguistics, Eötvös Loránd University (1) Where you are year 1: BBN–ANG–141 Foundations of phonology lecture 45mins/week, 2 credits T THIS IS SOMETHING YOU HAVE ALREADYDONE year 2: core phonology courses a. BBN–ANG–241 Phonology lecture, 45 mins/week, 2 credits b. BBN–ANG–242 Phonology seminar (for major students only) 90 min/week, 3cred T YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE THESETOO year 3: BBN–ANG–243 Advanced phonology lecture (for students specializing in English only), 90 mins/week, 3 credits THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE NOW!

! web: ! assessment: schedule+handouts+coursebook+forum written examination fill-in+multiple choice+short essay

(2) What we assume you already know ! how to characterise speech sounds in terms ofarticulatory features (phonetics) ! the difference between phonetics (physical sound properties, gradual) and phonology (sound pattern, behaviour, categorical) ! difference in status between distinctive andredundant features (distribution, phoneme, allophone, contrast) ! loads of distributional facts about the English sound pattern (rules of E. phonology) (3) What the course is about: phonological analysis:how your basic assumptions determine your analysis, how to argue for/against an analysis K K non-uniqueness: same facts – more than one analysis data & analysis: viewpoint creates the object Phonological Analysis BBN-ANG-241_01 (3.1) Patterns i. ii. iii. allophonic patterns morpho-phonological patterns phonotactic patterns e.g. aspiration e.g. regular past allomorphy e.g.

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Zoè] {.s.+
.Hc.} ).eoPs. but .roPs.

(3.2) Levels of representation & mapping phonological/underlying representation = phonetic/surface representation (3.3) The ‘AS IF’ assumption...
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