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Microsoft® Train Simulator v.1 Readme
The following information is provided for the user with regard to late-breaking information that was not available at the time of standard user documentation. We recommend reviewing these issues before calling Microsoft Product Support Services.
--Timer doesn’t update for loading saved Activities
If you save an Activity when the load or unloadpassengers and the timer is running, that timer doesn't update in the driving aid the next time you load the saved Activity. (You do still get the signal to depart at the expected time.)
--Royal Scot Rescue Activity
In the "Royal Scot Rescue" Activity it is crucial that the train get backed into Ribblehead siding 1 to register and enable the Activity to end. Back the train up as far as possible(to the buffer on this siding) to trigger the end of the Activity when you arrive with the Royal Scot's consist in Dent.
--Loading Activity during derailment
If you attempt to load a saved Activity during a derailment, Train Simulator may crash.
--NE Corridor Summer Express
1. The Edgewood station stop is very short. Using the Next Station display as a guide, come to a complete stop at exactly-0.01 miles to load/unload passengers.
2. Be aware that there is a delay near milepost 43.5 in waiting for the red light to change to green.
Waiting points are all being reset to zero seconds
--Waiting points for AI traffic
All the existing wait points for AI traffic have been reset to zero. If you make a change to a wait point, when the Activity is reloaded (either in the Activity Editor orthe simulation), the wait time will be reset to zero again. This has an impact on existing traffic that relies on wait points.
--Deleting track or roads
When track or roads are deleted from a route, their corresponding .tdb or .rdb files do not get deleted. Therefore when you attempt to reload a route, several dialogs appear indicating that the track database has failed to load. Deleting the.tdb or .rdb files manually fixes this.
--Reloading a re-named Activity
If you have renamed an Activity and then tried to reload it, it will not appear in the Activity list. Activities that do not appear in the Activity list cannot be run, so we recommend that you do not rename Activities.
--Murder on the Orient Express
In order to pick up the detective’s assistant, the Gölsdorf 380 locomotive,not the consist, must be near the center of Platform 3 in Zirl.
--Tokyo-Hakone route
There are several stations where the signals are placed so close to the platform that the train does not pass the signal completely when stopping. Rolling backwards at one of these stations causes the Activity to end with an "ignored red light" alert. To solve this problem try to stop at the platforms such thatthe end of the train has passed the signal completely. (One example of this type of station is Umegaoka Station.)
Accessing Help does not pause the game. When you press F1 or click the Help button while operating a train, the simulation does not pause. To remedy this, press the ESC key before accessing the Help.
Online Help: If you click the Contents button and then the ESCbutton, the Help does not close. All other uses of ESC work, just avoid pressing ESC after pressing the Contents button. You can also close Help with the mouse by clicking the “X” in the upper-right corner of the Help window.
For players who wish to use the unsupported editors and tools that shipped with Train Simulator, there are a number of related technical documentswritten by Kuju Entertainment Ltd. available as a self-extracting zip file in the techdocs folder on Train Simulator Disc 1. Like the Train Simulator Editors and Tools, these documents are not supported by Microsoft Product Support Services.
If your sound quantity slider is set to “Low,” you will not receive either the “OK to proceed” sound or the interlocking warning buzzer. If you want to...
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