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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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McDonalds corporation (condensed)
The bell rings and the vehicle button lights up. “ welcome to Mcdonald’s. May I take your order please? Through the sounds of a growling muffler and a blaringradio, a male voice responds:…
My fingers search desperately for the correct buttons on the order register as I struggle to remember and decipher the order.
Torn between the urge to look up into themicrophone and he necessity of looking down at the register display, I fumble with the speak switch, read back the order at a snail’s space, get confirmation, and read off the total. Please drive aroundto the window. Yes I am supposed to pour drinks. I reach awkwardly for the drink cups, scoop up too much ice and have to dump the extra out, read each label on the drink machine until I see Coke, andpress the button marked large. The bell has already rung again. “welcome”
After an hour, I can reach for the right register key most of the time and know, for example, that root beer caps should becreased to differentiate them from Coke caps on orders that contain both. As I was relieved by sandy, I watched her start to pour two drinks before the order was completed. She upgraded fries to largefries and read the whole order back in a flash, she capped the drinks, put them on the assembly counter, helped Betsy check another order, and said again, “welcome”

THE MCDONALDS CORPORATIONAfter world war II, Richard and Maurice McDonald were having trouble staffing their San Bernardino, California, carhop restaurant; there was the unusual parade of drunks and drifters. “we said” DickMcDonalds recalls, “let’s get rid of all.” Out went dishes, glasses and silverware. Out went service, the dishwashers and the long menu. We decided to serve just hamburgers, drinks and French fries onpaper plates. Everything prepared in advance, everything uniform. All geared to heavy volume in a short amount of time”
Ray Kroc, then 52 and a milk-shake machine salesman, met the McDonald brothers...
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