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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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Flying is fun. Right now I’m sitting in The Village Inn after checking in at London’s Gatwick Airport. In a couple hours I’ll board a US Airways plane for flight number 32 of the year and number 8 across the Atlantic. Even though US Airways seriously dropped the ball (several times) on that infamous number 30 flight, flying is still a kick.

Here are my Top 10 Things I Love about Flying (with afew bonus likes thrown in):

1. The opportunity to fly. What an opportunity it is to be able to move about. Every trip reminds me to be thankful. Every trip reminds me to DO something with opportunity and not let it go to waste.
2. Getting the chance to read something I’ve been wanting to read for a long time (for this next flight, I have 9 Kindle books queued up plus 18 TED Talk videos;probably too much. Also have 5 episodes of Dick van Dyke and 2 episodes of Dr. Who queued up, too.).
3. Checking in on Foursquare someplace new (and especially at someplace old, like the Starbucks in Concourse C in CLT, where I’m still mayor at the moment. Yeah.).
4. The approach to the runway at the end of the flight. I’ve often wished the entire flight was at 3,000 feet (except over the Atlantic,in which case 35,000+ feet is good).
5. The shoe-shine from the hard-working small business owners in the Charlotte (CLT) Douglass International Airport.
6. Being on the “you’ve made it through” side of security.
7. Being able to turn on and use my mobile phone on the “welcome home” side of US Customs (the other side of Customs is not such fun; someone should let our US Customs people know it’sokay to smile at foreigners and say, “Welcome to the United States. We’re glad you’re here.” I realize that might not be a true statement, but, still, they could say it anyway.)
8. The roar and thrust of the engines as the plane launches toward take-off.
9. The people I meet on the airplane.
10. The people waiting for me at the end of the flight (though, I do miss the people at the other end).Bonus likes:

1. That driver waiting for me at the Glasgow International Airport who whisked me away to a waiting full size Mercedes. (Thank you to Mark Jennings @markofrespect and Media140 for that treat!)
2. Mothers who are really, really good (and quick) at successfully comforting their children (especially those mums with triplets. Wow.).
3. Bose over-the-ear noise canceling headphonesand a well-stocked iPhone.
4. Whatever US Airways @usairways eventually does someday to make up for their performance and communication meltdown regarding flight #30.
What do you LOVE about flying? (Okay, the human tendency is not towards expressing love about flying, so feel free to share what you not-love about it, too.)

I love flying and everything that comes with it....

My Top tenthings I love about it are...

1. Taking off- That moment when you are pushed back into your seat and the plane lifts off the ground. Magical! And Landing. I love the feeling so much.
2. Getting to go through to 'The Other Side', after you've had your bag checked and things. This stems from a childhood of watching family members fly and thinking- I wander where they go after having their bagschecked...I finally got to see at the age of 16! And yes..It was as great as I though :D 
3. Watching films high in the sky! Simple pleasures. I love it:D 
4. The socks, tooth brush, little tooth paste and eye masks you get. Just fun..oh and the blanket! 
5. The food. Some people aren't a fan of plane food..but I enjoy almost all food and eating and drinking on a plane is very cool.
6. The littletoilets- using them is an adventure in its self. 
7. Should have been a bit higher on my list but I love being in airports when you are just about to fly, or arriving at your destination..I love how every one seems excited and buzzing. And when people meet eachother- so sweet to watch- and if I am meeting some one- so great when we see eachother! 
8. Going along the tunnel thingy to the plane. ...