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Medellin has the title of the second most important city in Colombia after Bogotá, its capital, and it is considered a commercial, industrial and technological development center in the country. With a denoted leadership in the area of finances, banking, politics, arts, culture, communications, fashion, and entertainment, it is achieving an important role in Latin America and becoming a centerfor development not only for this continent but for the world as well. It is important to highlight that this is the first city in Colombia to have an

integrated transport system that runs through the city in its metropolitan area.
For all these reasons, it is the headquarters of organizations, institutions and regional, national and international companies and, for the last few years ithas become a reference point for health tourism, convention tourism and sports tourism.

Among its people it is known as the City of Eternal Spring, The Silver Cup, The Mountain Capital, Botero City and Flower Capital; names that can be confirmed once you walk its streets and have contact with its people.

The paisa, name given to the people of Medellin

Is a short name for paisano and ithas become a figure of possibilities and resourcefulness recognized all over the country. The pro activity, the ability to save money and a street wandering fame are some of the characteristics that have stayed in its people from long time ago. They are known for their hospitality and a taste for talking, even if sometimes they have to exaggerate their story to make it more vivid for those listeningThis is how the paisa has made a name as the best negotiator and salesperson, which has resulted in large companies and trusted and safe business.

The paisa is friendly and in its life style he/she opens room for innovation integrating these two with familiarity and commitment with the future, which can be observed in an ever changing infrastructure that adapts to their every dayneeds.
The paisa women, with their recognized beauty, are still the heads of large families and transmit to their descendants all the Antioqueñan traditions.

The weather according to the months of the year
Medellin has been called by many “The City of Eternal Spring”, with a temperate weather oscillating between 18ºC and 28ºC, which makes it an attractive city for tourism, business, education,commerce, sports and culture.

Its weather is due to the topographical conditions of the place which provide a gentle breeze and warm air masses emanating from the Cauca and Magdalena rivers. Its weather is due to the topographical conditions of the place which provide a gentle breeze and warm air masses emanating from the Cauca and Magdalena rivers.

In general, the months of April,May, September, October and November are rainy months maintaining the characteristics of a temperate weather.

In January, February and March the sun warms Medellin and the valley shines. July and August are also dry and coincide with the midyear student’s vacations. December is a month with shiny and rainy days which are the opening to the warm month of January.

These conditions make ofMedellin a city with a great landscape and ecological value, thanks to the fact that different species of fauna and flora inhabit this metropolis.

Source: Medellín Guía Turística y de Desarrollo Urbano. Alcaldía de Medellín.- Oficina de Fomento y Turismo July of 2003.
Kite time
During windy days in the month of August, kites fly at different places in the city, creating a festival ofcolors, wind and movement. For these event the city has several kite associations.

La arepa (cornmeal cake)
If there is a food that characterizes Medellin and Antioquia, it is the arepa. The traditional arepa is made with cooked corn, grated and mixed, without any more ingredients because is inspired and it tastes according to what you put in it. Usually you eat it with butter and salt, but you...
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