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In a meeting, two or more people come together to discuss one or more topics, often in a formal setting.
Types of meetings
Common types of meeting include:
1. Status Meetings, generallyleader-led, which are about reporting by one-way communication
2. Work Meeting, which produces a product or intangible result such as a decision
3. Staff meeting, typically a meeting between amanager and those that report to the manager
4. Team meeting, a meeting among colleagues working on various aspects of a team project
5. Ad-hoc meeting, a meeting called for a special purpose
6.Management meeting, a meeting among managers
7. Board meeting, a meeting of the Board of directors of an organization
8. One-on-one meeting, between two individuals
9. Off-site meeting, also called"offsite retreat" and known as an Awayday meeting in the UK
10. Kickoff meeting, the first meeting with the project team and the client of the project to discuss the role of each team member
11. Pre-BidMeeting, a meeting of various competitors and or contractors to visually inspect a jobsite for a future project. The meeting is normally hosted by the future customer or engineer who wrote the projectspecification to ensure all bidders are aware of the details and services expected of them. Attendance at the Pre-Bid Meeting may be mandatory. Failure to attend usually results in a rejected bidMEETINGS
Types of Meetings
There are different types of meetings. Each type requires different structures and supports a different number of participants. For instance, a status (feed forward)meeting has no limit to the number of participants while a decision-making meeting produces results faster with a small number of participants.
If you want to help your teams have more effective meetings,set the participants expectations about the meeting by stating in the agenda –
• The purpose of the meeting.
• the type of meeting
The typical meeting types are:
• problem-solving
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