Men and women comparison & contrast

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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2011
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Men and Women
Comparison and Contrast

What do you know about the different of genders? Do you think men are more powerful than women? It is clear that men and women have differences. But what arethe common dissimilarities that we can have. I think that the big opposite thing between men and women is the physical strong, and the way how they communicate and think.
Being men can have manybenefits. In our society, men are qualified with more physical strong than women. This is a good tool to find any kind of job with well pay without studies. For example, is very unusual to see womendeveloping a strong work. The majority are men, who perform heavy- duties. Most of men usually work in agriculture, transportation or construction, jobs where they have to apply physical activity. On theother hand, I cannot take out credits from women because instead to use physical strong, they utilize their intelligentsia and look for something according to their knowledge. Most women areattempted to work in social works or in an office.
Another different between men and women is communication. Most of men are more care-free than women. Also, men don’t like to show their feelings in frontof nobody. But, according to studies men usually like to talk more in public than in home. In contrast, women like to talk more at home than in public. This issue creates sometimes a couple strugglesthat should be treating with the two members; otherwise it could create a divorce. Women are more sensitive than men. Each of them has different ways to express their emotions. For example, women areattempted to cry or to talk out about a problem that really bothers them. Men instead, feel uncomfortable to communicate their inquiries and feelings because they grew up with the stereotypes than mencannot cry or they should not be weak.
As conclusion, I think that men and women don’t have many differences just their biological genders. We create differences in the way how we act and think....
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