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change is the only certainty in tomorrow´s world. Only companies and executives who can adapt to change are likely to survive in the new technological age.

how well do you monitor th outside worl?

Answering these questions will help you to find out.

1.- Would you form a quality circle to

a. Select employees for senio management jobs?

b. Encouge employees to generate ideasfor improvements?

c. Asist you in determining long-range strategies?

2.-What is the "Boston effect"?

a. A personality test that measures resistance to strees.

b. A method of categorizing procts and services.

c. A statical technique used in inventory control.

3.-How would you use "positive reinforcement"?

a. Allcating more resources to high-growth actiities.

b. Improvingthe oganizations public image

c. Recognizing good performance by individuals o groups.

4. What is "synetics"?

a. A creative problem-solving technique.

b. A branch of laser technology used in glass manufacture.

c. A method of forecating retail sales.

5. Who wrote the best-selling book Quality is free?

a. Petwer Drucker

b. Philip Crosby

c. Yukio Mishima.

6. Which computeris likely to have had the highest sales growth during the 1980s?

a.General-purpose computers

b. Minicomputers

c. Desktop computers

7.- Wich computer language would you be most likely to learn in order to progam your personal computer?

a. PL/1

b. basic

c. Fortran.

8.-What is the no. 1 objective of most large Japanese companies?

a High market share.

b. Maximum profitc. Excellent employee relations

9. The book The third Wave describes the king of society that will result from the influence of ew technologies. Who write=?

a. Herman Kahb.

b. Alvin Toffer

c. E.F. Schumancher

10. How would you use "transactionl analysis"?

a. Forecasteting potential bad debts

B. Improving commn and personal relationships.

c. Identifyng companies aspossible acquisition prospects.

11. Which of the following types of work is likely to provide the greatest oportunities for the use of industrial robots?

a. Assembly work

b. Handling soft goods, e.g. the garment and shoe industries.

c. Packaging and package distribution

12. What is the most important capability which the more advanced robots of the future will need?

a. Improved senseof vision

b. Better tactile sensing

c. Greater mobility

13. Who was the famous writer who devised "the three laws of robotics"?

a. Kurt Vonnegut

b. Erich von Danken

c. Isaac Asimov

14.- What is "scimitar"?

a. A systematic approach to new-product development.

b. A computerize production system

c. A linear programming technique used by Japanese companies for controllingsuppliers?

15. Wt do you pln do to fill any gaps in your knowledge revealed by this test?

a. I´ll hire a top-fligh consultant for advie.

b. Nothing-I´ll wait until i´m sure i know what i need.

c. As a firt step i´ll read some books on each subject.

Rate yourself by checking your score below.

How you rate in adapting to change

(5 marks for each correct answer)

60-75 Youactively manage tour own development. for you, change is welcome and exciting.

40-55 You have a positive actitude to change but could push yourself a little harder to keep up with new developments.

20-35 You are in danger of becoming out of ate. Act now and set yourself some really challenging goals.

0-15 You have a great deal of catching -up to do.

el cambio es la única certeza en elmundo de mañana. Sólo las empresas y ejecutivos que puedan adaptarse al cambio es probable que sobrevivan en la nueva era tecnológica.

¿Qué tan bien fuera de control worl º?
Responder a estas preguntas le ayudarán a averiguarlo.

1 .- ¿Le forman un círculo de calidad para
a. Seleccionar los empleados para ocupar puestos de dirección Senio?
b. Encouge empleados para generar ideas para la...
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