Mercado de alimentos congelados en uk

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2010
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The British A Food Vision Industry Frozen Food –

2 November 2010
Brian Young, BFFF (British Frozen Food Federation), Warwick House, Unit 7, Long Bennington Business Park, Main Road, Long Bennington, NEWARK, NG23 5JR. Judith Evans, RD&T (Refrigeration Developments and Testing Ltd), Churchill Building, Langford, Bristol, BS40 5DU. Dr Wayne Martindale, Centre for Food Innovation, SheffieldHallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB. Charlotte Harden, Centre for Food Innovation, Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB.


1. Foreword 2. Executive Summary 3. The UK Frozen Food market
i. Executive summary ii. Introduction iii. The UK food market iv. Frozen food market: retail v. Frozen food market: foodservice vi. Terminology vii. References1 2 4
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4. Frozen Technology & Quality
i. Executive summary ii. A brief history of frozen food and the key developments to date iii. Why freeze food iv. The freezing process v. Freezing technologies and their benefits vi. Refrigeration systems and refrigerants vii. Frozen food quality, storage life, assessment of quality viii. Novel approaches to freezing ix. Conclusions x.References

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5. The Sustainability & Social Responsibility Opportunity
i. Executive summary ii. Introduction iii. An overview of the frozen food sustainability opportunity iv. The sustainable opportunity v. GHG emission reduction vi. The knowledge transfer opportunity vii. Waste reduction viii. Conclusions ix. References

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i. Executive summary ii. A Place for Frozen Food iii. Nutrient Deterioration iv. Food Waste and Cost v. Contribution of Frozen Food to Dietary Intakes. vi. Recent Research vii. Vitamin C viii. Fruit and vegetables ix. Carotenoids x. Folate xi. Meat and fish xii. Food safety xiii. Food quality xiv. Conclusions xv. References

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1. ForewordOur country needs to work towards a sustainable, secure and healthy food supply. To achieve this we need to ensure fair prices, choice and access to food, along with a continuous improvement in food safety, changes to deliver healthier diets and a more environmentally sustainable food chain. As a Grimsby MP and as a consumer, frozen food is dear to my heart and so I welcome The British FrozenFood Industry – A Food Vision report. Alongside chilled and ambient foods, it is clear from the evidence presented that frozen has a key role to play in our future food choice. Frozen can deliver high quality, good value, safe foods with an extended storage life. It can offer a nutritional profile comparable to fresh foods and help to provide dietary portion control. It can also offer emergingenvironmental benefits including a contribution to reducing food waste and the ability to preserve and use seasonal foods all year round. I hope that this report will help consumers, retailers and the foodservice industry to recognise the important role that frozen food can play in UK food provision over future decades.

Austin Mitchell MP
Great Grimsby


2. Executive summary
The food industryis aware that food supply chains should be made more resilient, profitable and competitive- whilst delivering wholesome, healthy, safe and ethical food products. A resource efficient and technologically advanced agri-food industry depends on harnessing innovative ideas and processes within its working practices. It therefore relies on the appropriate underpinning skills base and research.
In recentyears there has been a need to reduce impacts, increase energy efficiencies and ‘get more from less’ - in order to keep food businesses competitive and profitable. The Food 2030 vision promotes reducing carbon footprint, whilst enhancing quality and wealth throughout the food system. Supply chain operations are crucial in delivering this vision and the delivery of safe and nutritious food is a...
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