Metal up your ass

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The truth is you are my beautiful guardian angel
The truth is I love you more than words can tell
The truth is my heart is yours andwill always be
The truth is you have brought happiness to me
The truth is you are a blessing sent from the sky
The truth is I willlove you until the day that I die
The truth is I’d give everything to see you smile
The truth is my love will last more than a whileThe truth is you will always be my shining star
The truth is I feel you if you’re near or even far
The truth is you are the one my heartadores
The truth is all I am, all I have is forever yours
The truth is you always brighten my dark days
The truths is you areperfect in a million ways
The truth is that forever you’ll live in my heart
The truth is that nothing can ever tear us apart
The truth isnothing can make me leave your side
The truth is I have no fear and nothing to hide
The truth is you’re much more than a friend
Thetruth is all this love simply has no end
The truth is you warm up my heart everyday
The truth is your hands take the cold away
Thetruth is you have brought me tears of joy
The truth is I’m nothing more than a silly boy
The truth is come what may by your side I’llstay
The truth is I love you far more than I can say
The truth is I get high on you
The truth is you’re the best girlfriend in the world
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