Metodo cientifico

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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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            The intention of these is to facilitate new discoveries with the smaller waste of resources in the application of methods.
            It is a procedure thatguarantees that knowledge describes, explains, predicts and controls or modifies the reality that studies.
            The word method is derived from Greek methods, that means “to investigate; search ofthe knowledge; action to go behind”.
            The methods of general reasoning are inductive, deductive and the analogical one. The reasoning forms, their power ofgeneralization are divided in universal, particular and individual and can be expressed in affirmative or negative judgments. Deduction (syllogism) is the general method (of logic), that consists on reasoningfrom universal judgments that are derived from individuals on the knowledge.
            The inductive reasoning goes of particular judgments and finishes with general or universal judgments. Theanalogical reasoning begins with judgments of anyone of the mentioned levels and culminates in that same level.
            It has to do with the community of scientists to know,approve, validates and recognizes the investigation by different conditions and contexts.
            They are classified like formal and factual. The formal ones are themathematics and the logic, cannot be in the material or social nature. The logics determine the form of the judgments or statements on knowledge. Their purpose is catching the reality of ordered way,give testimony of how human species reasoned.
            Factual sciences are those that study fragments of objective reality (facts).
The fact has characteristics that mention J.M. Aróstegue:
1.It exists independently
2. They are not part of the theory
3. They are authentic.
4. They are invariant: what changes is the way to perceive them.
Thus factual sciences look for to find...
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