Metodos de coccion

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The moist methods that are the healthiest of all the methods of cook. Some homes may not have ovens that have a steam function incorporated in them but there arealways ways to cook with steam in the home. From metal or Asian bamboo steamers to microwave ovens and pressure cookers, using steam to cook within the home has grown in popularity..
Boiling isthe transfer of heat to food that is totally immersed in water, milk or a seasoned stock. Boiling is done at 100°C/212°F. Not all foods are suitable for boiling. High temperature can sometimestoughen up meat. Therefore a long and slow simmering on a low heat maybe required to tenderise the meat. Rapid boiling and simmering can break up some delicate foods such as brains, berries and fish leavingthem unappealing to eat. The foods that are more suitable for boiling are starchy items such as noodles or rice. Root vegetables, like potato and carrots are also good for boiling due to theirtougher texture. However, delicate foods like fish are not recommended for boiling as they will fall apart.
SIMMERING is the transfer of heat to food that is totally immersed in water, milk or aseasoned stock. Unlike boiling, simmering is usually done at the slightly lower heat of 98°c/208°F. Simmering is used for tougher cuts of meat where it will need a long period of time to breakdown the muscletissue and sinew. An example if this would is lamb shanks. For more fragile food items such as figs and lambs brain simmering (like poaching) is the preferred cooking method.
Poaching isalso cooking food that is completely submerged in water, milk or a flavoured liquid. Different to boiling and simmering, poaching is done at 93°C/119°F to 95°C/203°F where there is no movement in theliquid. The most delicate foods such as eggs (out of shell), soft fruits, chicken breast and some fish are usually poached.
Steaming is cooking food in an environment where the...
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