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The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

1) The Adventures of Pricilla, Queen of the desert is 1994 Autrialian film based on a very extrange trip of three drag Queens: Bernadtte, Tick and Adam travel across the Australian dessert to perform a show in a Alice Spring´s hotel inside a bus called Priscilla. This will the trip that mark his life and his personal character.Tick (Hugo Weaving) is the main character on the film. He accepteds the proposition to performance in the casino hotel and is this the leitmotiv of the movie. His character define a person who has change his life (we dont know this at first but we began to think it when begun to adopt certains behaivours). Tick adopt a different role from the others drags; he accept the show, not appear like adrag in some scenes and his character not is related with a gay image. He is like “the father”, the decisor, is a very strange and complex person who has a double life…

Bernardette is a transexual woman who has make the change recently, his role in the film is like “the mother”. Is the onlyone character that feels woman and this is the basis of his character: the relation with Bob ( a carrepariman from the deep Autralia) is one of the point to understand the film, this is a trae love history with all the sections. A differet form, but same content.

Adam is the third. His character is more simple than the others. Adam is a gay (with all the topics) person that makes this job for fun. Isn´t a deep character, but this makes the film very interesting.

To understandhow the characters are related we should accept thas is a different situation: the trip, their motivations… they began like friends, but as the moment they started to immers in the dessert they will be a family. The deep dessert open their hearts and their minds.

2) Priscilla is aroad movie. Like in the Jack Kerouac nobel On the Road the travel is the excuse to define and tell how somecharacters are defined by differents situations. The road is the means of how their feelings are moving. Bernardette, Tick and Adam uses the trip to open his minds to theirselfs. When Ticks admit that he has a son the road is present. Is the path you have to do to meet yourself.

Priscilla is a road movie due to the elements (bus, dessert, a travel across with an objetive) and the feelings: isa metaphor of the human behaivior in a limit situation (thats the difference with others road movies, the situation).

When Bernardett, Tick and Adams climb the canyon Dresde like drags their are represented the whole moment. The bright colors of dresses between the hard desser is the greater situation of opening. They are showing to nature the real life and their fellings. The strong andhardest of immensity marked by the dresses (their personalityes). It´s the climax, a light in the shadow, the majority expression of feelings.

3) Well, the issues that queer people face is a very common moment in the film. Firt of all the enviroment: some topics that we associate to queer life. Is very common on our life to “catalogue” some personalities just by it surface; with queer worldthis is very usual and we tend to do: exist some topics like ABBA songs, pink colour, some movements…that are the superficial issues. This film tryes to fight agains this show the real characters life: fellings, problems,etc.

The film have some moments that narrates this problem. Im gonna show three (I think the most chocking and relevat) that represents this.

Firts one is whenthey arrives with the bus in little town. The protagonist come out at night to take a drink and they have a problem with a women that don’t “want this people here”. And at the next day the bus was painting with some degrading words.

This discriminatios is permanet alog the film (and the aceptation too…) and it appears when they act in a little town invited by Bob. When they go to stage...
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