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) If I (go) out tonight, I (go) to the cinema
) If you (get) back late, I (be) angry
3) If we (not/see) each other tomorrow, we (see) each other next week
) If he (come) , I (be) surprised.
) Ifwe (wait) here, we (be) late
) If we (go) on holiday this summer, we (go) to Spain.
) If the weather (not/improve) , we (not/have) a picnic
They (go) to the party if they (be) invited
If I(not/go) to bed early, I (be) tired tomorrow
If we (eat) all this cake, we (feel) sick
She (stay) in London if she (get) a job
If you to go out, I dinner at home
I (come) early, if you
He a betterjob if he that exam
I a new dress if I enough money
She (cook) dinner if you (go) to the supermarket
They (go) on holiday if they (have) time.
We (be) late if we (not/hurry).
She (take) a taxiif it (rain)
I if you with me.

1. Read the information in the chart and complete the verbs in the sentences (do not use abbreviations in the future form):
 a) If you  (help) me with myhomework, I  (finish) it in time to go to the cinema.
b) If it  (not/rain), the students  (practice) sport in the playground.
c) Jane  (come) home early if she  (not/be) very busy at work.
d)Our teacher  (be) pleased if we  (do) our homework.
e) If Robert  (play) football with us, we  (win) the match.
2. Look at the pictures and choose the correct option. What can we do tosave our planet?
a) If we  (recycle) more, we  (help) our planet.
b) If people  (share) their cars to go to work, there  (not/be) so many car fumes.
c) We  (save) thousands of trees ifwe  (waste) so much paper.
d) If the government  (fine) those who pollute the atmosphere, some factories  (stop) throwing waste into rivers.
e) If we only  (use) the water we need, we (contribute) to our planet's recovery.
3. Choose the most appropriate ending for the following sentences:
a) If we keep polluting our planet,
b) If we use recycled paper and glass,
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