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Ejercicio 6 .TEMA 14
On two occasions in November Ms Nicola Williams, an employee in the assembly plant, was warned that using a mobile phone in workhours was against the company rules. Both these warnings were given by another supervisor, and were noted in her file .Then ,in December ,on a furtheroccasion ,she was given a written warning. Finally , on Friday ,12 January at 10.30.I was informed of a problem on the factory floor. When I arrive there ,Ifound a lot of noise and shouting going on. Ms Williams was using her mobile phone to participate in a radio phone –in programme . Apparently she had wona prize .I asked her to put the phone down immediately , and to come in to my office. I decided to terminate her employment ,and in the presence of MsJones ,my deputy, Ms Williams was told that she was being sacked. She became hysterical and abusive , and was asked to leave the factory immediately. She wasinformed that her possessions would be forwarded to her by post.
Ejercicio 8. TEMA 14
b) The business is a great success.They are hiring new staff and it isexpanding fast.
The bussines is a great success. new staff is being hiring and it is expanding fast.
c)As there was a recession and the number of ordersdecreased, one of the factories was closed.
d)To improve margins ,the new model is being making in Hungary, where labour costs are lower.
e)Ford hasseveral plants in Europe. the Escort is produces there.
f)Plans for the new industrial state have been announced ten hectares will be cover ten hectares
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