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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2011
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The delinquency refers to set facts against the law ,established by law and deserving punishment by the society.
It could also be defined as a conduct by a person or persons that do not match thoserequired in a given society, which violates the laws of that society.
Generality the delinquency is considered the people who commits or do a crime on several occasions, coming to be regarded alsoas an antisocial , stressing the fact that such actions undermine the normal functioning of our society , put in danger the differences of the members.
The delinquency is come of topics that have moreimportance in all the world .
In some contries for example Pakistan Honduras Venezuela and mexico.
In peru is the same, in some cities of peru like cities in the jungle , callaO & Trujillohave the more percentage of delinquency in all the country.
In callaO for example exist a lot of delinquency , this includes crimes such as robbery , pick pocketing , theft, fraud , rape , vandalism ,graffiti and paint on walls and monuments , among others.
As for more serious crime , organized crime is know and involver a large group of organization and crime of great proportions which can beeither intermediate or greater.
Now in peru the delinquency is like other countries , is very difficult to stop.
The government does not do anything, only get polices and put in some streets and avs., the most important in the city but they know who is the delinquent but they do not do nothing to get the peace to the people.
In the world like peru occurs the same problems and these has beenmuch research to try to discover the factors that have influenced those who commit crime , reaching out problems such as poverty and social exclusion , unemployment and school dropouts , inequalities, personality disfunction in family and don not communication in the families for children .
The punishment that exist now are very poor for example they do not do all the life in jail.
In peru...
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