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Michelangelo, One of the best artists of the history
“He triumphed in all the arts in which he worked, characterized by perfectionism “

Michelangelo was a sculptor, architect, poet and Italianpainter of the renaissance, a period of great cultural change in Europe. He is considered one of the best’s artists in the history because he triumphed in all the arts in which he worked,characterized by perfectionism. The sculpture, as he declared, was his favorite and the first to be dedicated. Then he began painting, almost as an imposition by Julius II and in his later years, he madepoetry and architectural works.
He was born on March 6 in 1475 and was the second of five sons. His mother died in 1481, when Michelangelo was six years old. His family began an economic decline withthe grandfather of the artist and his father, who had failed in the attempt to maintain the social position of the family.
At first his father made him study grammar in Florence but he wanted to bean artist, so when told his father he would go the way of art, they had many discussions, because at that time was a largely unsung profession. Michelangelo tried to convince his father to led himstudy arts and he finally accepted.
In April 1488, when he was twelve years old and on the advice of Francesco Granacci, another young man who was devoted to painting, he entered to a workshop offamous artists . There he met the idealistic theories of Platon , ideas which reflected in their art works and in his poetry.In 1496 Michelangelo decided to leave for Rome, the city that had to see his succeed. There began a decade of intensive art, after which, thirty years,was credited as a leading artist because of all his excellent works. Some of his famous works are the sculpture of David, Madonna, Pietá and the Sistine Chapel.
He died on February 18 in 1564....
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