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Switched at Birth Questionnaire
Questions: Answers questions through what is seen in classes.
Why do parents of Bay do not like to Regina?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What is Toby's attitude regarding the situation of his sister Bay?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What Daphne knows how to cook?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Why Bay is punished?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Why Regina do not like the parents of Bay?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
True or False: Answer if the following statements are true or false, if lie you must write because they are.
_____ The parents of Bay are called John and Amy.________________________________________________________________________
_____ Regina is Puerto Rican.
_____ Bay is a quietgirl that will not cause problems to their parents-
_____ The parents of Bay they do not like to Daphne fence to the collegein the motorcycle of Emmett.
_____ Bay is punished by brave.________________________________________________________________________
Orden the events: Sorts the following events as they occurred in the series
_____ Bay and Ty kiss.
_____ The family of Bay and Daphne dine together.
_____ Bay makes a graffiti with the...
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