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Migration is basically the movement of humans from one place to another. The displacement that a group or a single person does can be caused by different reasons, this because there are diverse typesof migration. The main ones are called forced and voluntary migration, we would explain in detail both of these reasons.
People who are forced to flee their homes for one or more of the followingreasons and where the state authorities are unable or unwilling to protect them: armed conflict including civil war; generalized violence; and persecution on the grounds of nationality, race, religion,political opinion or social group.
A large proportion of these displaced people will flee across international borders in search of refuge. Some of them may seek asylum under international law,whereas others may prefer to remain anonymous, perhaps fearing that they may not be granted asylum and will be returned to the country from whence they fled. Since the end of the Cold War, there has beenan escalation in the number of armed conflicts around the world. Many of these more recent conflicts have been internal conflicts based on national, ethnic or religious separatist struggles. There hasbeen a large increase in the number of refugees during this period as displacement has increasingly become a strategic tactic often used by all sides in the conflict. Since the end of the Cold Warthere has also been an even more dramatic increase in the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs), who currently far outnumber the world‘s refugee population. At the end of 2004, there were some11.5 million refugees and asylum seekers and a further 21 million IDPs worldwide.
The most important international organization with responsibility for refugees is the United Nations High Commissionerfor Refugees (UNHCR). Under the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, UNHCR is mandated to provide protection and assistance to refugees. However, one group of refugees do not come under the mandate of...
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