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  • Publicado : 1 de noviembre de 2011
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How do I see myself in ten years

Well, I’m not quite sure, but as I can see in my magic bean, lot of things are about to change soon, so I can’t even imagine what’s waiting for me in thatfantastic quasi-time-whatever known as the FUTURE. But here are my guessings...
Hmmm, I’m almost sure that one day I’m going to have a time machine, I will be able to travel trough time, anywhere Iwant, no time limits. I suppose that my brain will have been ingeniously shaped and full of gazillion facts and knowledge units, so that kind of machine won’t be strange to me – because I will be itsinventor. Haaaa-haaaa (evil laugh)!
My baby will be blue. All blue. His, (not her), skin will be blue, but not dark blue... lightblue... And his eyes will be enormously big, and toxic green. He’s goingto be taught 5 languages before his sixth birthday and will despise maths or anything that has something to do with numbers... He ‘ll have no father, ‘cause no man is that perfect, therefore, no mancan make a perfect blue child. I’m gonna make it with my supergenious powers... Do not ask how, it’s a secret.
I’m going to build one huge, sometimes-invisible “spaceshuttlelike” house, with bunch oflights around it, and some weird buttons all over it, and wires instead of fence that produce electricity. So people would think how cool my house is, but they will be scared of me and won’t be comingto visit me, he-heee, ‘cause I’m a supergenious.
In the center of that house will be one square hall which will be used as a court for my blue baby... He will adore sports, so I’m going to make hima proper space to play whatever sport he wish, ‘cause that space will be adjustable to that. If he would like to play hoops, the court will automaticly turn into basketball court. That is myinvention. Brilliant, I say. But still, he will have his own room full of toys and gadgets that he or I made... His own kingdom.
I will have my own room, painted in violet, with lots of flowers that I...
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