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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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Miranda Cosgrove
Do you have good luck? Because this teen age girl had a very good luck imagine that she is famous just because one day she went to a restaurant she started singing and dancingand………so we should start singing and dancing, and see if we can began famous or become popular, I’m going to tell you about Miranda Cosgrove life.
This girl of 16 years old appears in television since she hasthree years old when she was discovered by a talent haunter, what a good luck don’t you think? When she was like 8 to 10 years old she began appearing in the show of Drake and Josh and after in iCarlyone of her most talent show, were she had such a good and high popularity, I am a little jealous but how ever… she is a very talent girl who could have a life with so many victories and with effortshe can get very far. Do you imagine her future if in this moment she earns US$180.000 per episode of iCarly which that makes her the second highest-paid young actress on TV wow don’t, who wouldn’t loveto win so much money just for working one day! That’s awesome! Miranda also had paid a contract in which she has to make 26 chapters more than the ones that she already have, that’s a lot o work butthe good thing is that’s she earns US$180.000 per chapter and in total she already has 96 chapters.
She started her career as a singer in 2007 with the recently opening theme on iCary “leave it allto me” this song was a debut with Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell, this song is the main theme of the show iCarly a very good theme. Who was released in 2007 you can hear it if you enter to thewww.iCarly.com you will be able to hear the song a see a few chapters. Personally I love her program I laugh a lot and have a very good time with my sister. And her second album called “about you know” avery popular album in which she sold like 150.000 copies released to iTunes in February 3, 2009thats a lot of copies for just one disc and with having just 15 years old don’t you think so?...
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