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  • Publicado : 26 de octubre de 2010
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1 - Explain why or why not people object extensive body piercing ?

2 - Explain why and how a deficiency in Vitamin C may cause sufferers to lose their teeth and the process of healing is much moreslowly than I normal people.

3 - How does the integument in a genetic disorder called anhidrotic ectodermal dysphasia is altered and what would be the consequences ?

1. In many cases peopleobject against extensive body piercing because of all the risk they involve. Not only you may have infections, allergic reactions, bleeding, but you may also have infections caused by hepatitis, HIV,tetanus, bacteria, and yeast. Although body piercing has been used for centuries by many people with different ideals it has always been questioned. Sometimes people pierce for religious or spiritualreasons, self- expression for aesthetic value, to conform to their culture or to rebel against it. Even though piercing has more than one purpose it has always been questioned whether or not it should bedone. In order to avoid any of the infections mentioned before a good healing process should be done.

2. We should begin by defining Vitamin C, Vitamin C plays a role in collagen, carnitine,hormone, and amino acid formation. It is essential for wound healing and facilitates recovery from burns. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, supports immune function, and facilitates the absorption ofiron. When there is a deficiency in Vitamin C a disease called Scurvy can occur. This disease leads to the formation of spots on the skin, spongy gums, and bleeding from the mucous membranes. Formation ofintercellular cement substances in connective tissues, bones, and dentin is defective, resulting in weakened capillaries with subsequent hemorrhage and defects in bone and related structures.

Bonetissue formation becomes impaired, which, in children, causes bone lesions and poor bone growth. Fibrous tissue forms between the diaphysis and the epiphysis, and costochondral junctions enlarge....
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