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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2010
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This conference explained basically the whole time evolution time of the goose of Gansito brand, we could see and gave us a very dynamic explanation of how the character has evolved ontime. I learned that for some brands, in this case to Gansito, a character is too close to the mark, it creates an emotional bond in consumers and they identify with the personality of the puppetanimation. They also explained that an important decision like to change the character may represent an excellent option to increase sales, but in some cases as in this case a bad decision like that was takenin Gansito in the year 2008, represent the worst time in Marinela sales. Overall I thought it was a very good exhibition full of videos and very dynamic.

This conference was given byFernando Yañez of the Makken company, he explained how you can become an "influencer" in 10 steps. An influencer is a person who has power in society, someone who is different from others and alsoinnovative. Nowadays almost anyone has the tools to become an influencer. The steps are: 1. Choosing your roll: choosing the topic or area you want to be an influencer. 2. Lee Lee and Lee, a unfluencermust be an educated person,must read a lot and, be social, someone who knows everything and also knows much more of their specialization. 3. Networkeale: social networks and the network in generalare excellent options to let you know and learn more. 4. Produce: we must create something to let us know, and have a physical proof that we are influencers. 5. Post & Share: must to share andpublicize everything we do, it is important to use wisely twitter, facebook and all social networks. 6. Consistency: we can´t create something amazing once and then do nothing, you must demonstrate thatquality is a way of life. 7. Life vs. Career: do not let personal life affect your career or vice versa 8. Friends: We must make many friends in and out of business, create new friendships and rescue...
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