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PD7012/PD9012 No AV Out - Repair Instruction (2nd Screen)
To prepare one set of OK main set, 2nd screen, AV Cable & Adaptor as test jig

Connect adaptors & AV cable to main set & 2nd screenPower on

1. Put any one of the disc into main set - To check whether the Logo picture of main set is OK - To check if the sound is OK or not

OK To check the picture & sound of 2nd screen OK ornot.



To check if the AV cable is inserted into the right position

To check AV cable OK or NG by multimeter

To check the adaptor by multimeter if it has voltage output or notRemark: To exchange test jig (main set prepared before testing ) for checking sound & picture of 2nd screen If AV cable & Adaptor are OK & AV cable is well inserted, then exchange the OK 2nd screen.PD7012/PD9012 No AV Out - Repair Instruction (Main Set)

NG main set
Unscrew bottom cabinet ass'y

Monitor ass'y

Bottom cabinet ass'y

Cross‐check bottom cabinet ass'y or monitor ass'yto check which one is NG. If the problem happens in the bottom cabinet, to check Power  connector , AV out connector &main IC 

Step  1

To check if the PCBA supply voltage by multimeter :9V, 3.3V & 5V is OK

To test 9V supply voltage :  adjust multimeter  testing scope to  DC 20V;  connect   the red pen‐shape meter ofmultimeter  to F1 and  the  black one to GND. The value showed on the multimeter   is  the  output   voltage  of adaptor  (see the attached  picture)

To test  3.3V supply voltage :  adjust multimeter  testing scope  to  DC  20V, connect  the  red  pen‐shape meter of multimeter  to inductor L12 and the black one  to GND;  the multimeter  will show 3.3V. (see  the attached picture)

To  test 5V supply voltage :  adjust  multimeter  testing scope  to DC 20V;  connect the red pen‐shape meter  to inductor L9 and the black one to   GND;  the multimeter will shows5V. (see the attached picture)

If supply voltage is NG, then exchange the main board...
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