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* Teacher will divide class in two groups and every students will have a Word. Every students will repeat everybody word.

* Teacher will write all over the board the words from the vocabularyin disorder the class will be divided in two groups, one representative of each group will come to the front to swat the word that the teacher will say.

* Teacher will give a domino card twoevery student. Students will sit down on the floor into the circle. Students will take turns to put all the domino cards on the floor.

* Teacher will bring roulette to the classroom, this is dividein many parts, some students will come to the front to spin the roulette the rest of the class will say which word the roulette stopped at.

* Teacher will bring to the class tic-tac-toe withthe days of the week. Divide the class in two groups and students will have the change to stop on the game.

* Teacher will invite some volunteers to the front; give each one a piece of paper withan every day activity they will mime in front of the class for the students to guess.

* Teacher will divide the board in two parts and the class as well, gives a marker two the first students ofthe group, every student will go to the board to write the vocabulary word end will return to give the marker to the next students.

* Teacher will invite a volunteer to the front to throw thedice on the floor the rest of the class is in a circle, everybody has to do the action and repeat the verb from the dice.

* To the review different vocabulary list.
* Teacher will havestudents to divide their notebook, in three columns (or more), students will write the name of each column. Teacher will say an alphabet letter students will write a word under each category with thatletter the first student to complete the columns say stop and get a prize.

* Wrap a box with many pieces of color paper. Have children sit in a circle play music as they pass around the box when...
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