Movie analysis: radio

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Harold Jones
Coach Jones
2nd Coach
James Robert Kennedy
Had mental retardation
He was imprisoned because he was giving gifts away
He was adored by the people at last
He lovedradios
Mom died from heart attack
Mary Helen
Coach Jones Daughter
Radio’s brother

Poor neighborhood
Small town
Everybodyknew each other
South Carolina

Analysis: Radio
What did you like about the film?
I liked everything; it is an amazing film because it shows us the problems that this people may confront.Sometime we don’t realize how hard it is to them because we don’t see it in first person
What did you dislike about the film?
Nothing, I really liked it

What did you learn from this film?Picture
I learned that we should be more aware about the problems these people face every day, because we are so full of ourselves, always whining about petty things and we do not see the things thatreally matter.


Did this film change your opinion about any of the issues it addressed? Picture
Yes, I had never thought deeply how difficult it is for people like Radio, whether they havemental retardation, autism or other mental disability, to carry out the activities of every day without being able to do so independently, since they always need the help of another person to continuewith their lives successfully. People like him see the world very different from us. They are children stuck in the body of a grown up and they always will be, they always see the good things andthey will be very naive and vulnerable all their life. Sometimes we are us who are afraid to approach them because we are unsure of how to treat them, but they do not know that, they just think we don’tlike them, therefore, we should be more empathetic and understanding that is much more difficult for them to say hello to someone than to us.


What features of the film did you find most...
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