My birthaday in the middle of the ocean

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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2011
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My birthday In the Middle of the Ocean

Have you ever had a birthday that stands out from others that you have had? I had a birthday like this and it was an unforgettable experience. I had alwaysdreamed of my fifteen birthday in a very different and simple it form, but I never imagined that when the time came for my birthday would be so special. It was one of the best things that has happenedto me because it was the first time I left Puerto Rico on a trip and I was accompanied by my family and a group of friends who made for a total of eighteen people. Besides, I am going to celebrate myfifteen birthday on my first vacation in a cruise around the Caribbean, it was incredible. I will never forget the surprise I got when they sang to me ‘‘Happy Birthday’’ at one of the restaurants inthe cruise. I will always remember this birthday because I learned that although I was enjoying the ship and islands, I enjoyed most being with my family there celebrating my birthday than being on thecruise traveling.

The day was normal in the month of October 2005 for others, but for me it was the day of my first vacation in a cruise to the Caribbean islands. The night before I was soexcited that I could not sleep at all. The next morning, my family and I had collected all the bags so we went to reunite with a group of people who rode together on the trip made up of eighteen peoplethat were all family and close friends. We got on the school bus that would take us to the San Juan port and we traveled for more than two hours. We arrived at the port and had to wait quite a lot toenter the ship. I remember I was desperate to go because I wanted to quickly see the cruise in which we would travel. I asked myself about how the inside of the boat would be, if the room was large orsmall, what kind of food was there, who were the people, what things were there to have fun; well, there were so many questions until I enter the boat and I saw all its beauty, so many lights and many...
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