My first trip to the big apple

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My First Trip to the Big Apple

It has been five years since I went for the first time to New York City; but, the great memories are still fresh in my mind.
Many years ago, as a young teenagergrowing up in Colombia, the dreams about coming to live in the United States were very frequent to me, especially the possibility to get to visit the famous Big Apple. In April 11, 2000 the dream ofmoving for good to the United States became real when my resident visa was granted and Orlando, Florida became my home town in June of the same year.
After working hard for about four years, it was nottime for just a vacation it was time to complete my dream; and, for my good fortune the perfect opportunity arrived went Kevin, who is now my husband, invited me to be his date for his cousin’swedding in New York City. My answer was a very excited “yes”; and the planning of a fabulous vacation started that same day; we got plane tickets that night, and research the weather to be able to planthe daily activities.
The night before our trip sleep was the furthest thing from my mind, I cannot tell what time I finally closed my eyes, but all I could think about was that I was ready to havethe time of my life in the most unique city in the world.
The next day I went to work for a few hours in the morning; but, the excitement made focusing really hard. I could not wait for the trip. Idecided to go home at noon time, thinking that being at home would help me calm down my anxiety for the trip but it did not work. I tried taking a nice warm shower and packed what was left; havingeverything ready was a relief but the anxiety and the excitement made my heart beat a thousand times per second.
My Brother took me to the airport that night; I met Kevin by the Jet Blue checking area atthe Orlando international airport. I knew he could see the excitement on my face and at that moment I realized that it was not just the trip, it was also our first long trip together after dating...
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