My free time

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  • Publicado : 21 de abril de 2010
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My free time

I like to do a lot of things when I have free time, it depends on the day, for example sometimes, my friendJosue calls to me on tuesday or wendsday to ask me, if I can go to his home, we always put music and smoke weed and sometimes is withus another friend his name is Omar.

I like fridays because I use to go out with them, and we go to a parties or discos, we tryto have a good time always and I can tell that they are my best friends.

On weekends I like to spend time with my familyespecially with my father becuase he is always working so; he just has free time on weekends and I try to be with him the more possibletime.

We use to go Shopping then, we go to eat and, we back to home to watch TV or take a drees, sometimes we go to theestadium to see the pumas, if we don't go we just watch the match at home.

I like to juggle, I like to read a book too, I like tolisten to music a lot it's very relaxing, funny and thrilling at the same time, I think that I can't really live without it. sleppingit's another activity that I like so much there are days where I step only sleeping because the school is very tired

i'vethought of to look for more things to spend my time for example to learn another languaje, do exercise, math classes,traveling etc.
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