My life as a science learner and a science teacher through the lens of my community

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  • Publicado : 2 de febrero de 2011
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My life as a Science learner and a Science teacher through the lens of my community

As a child, I always enjoyed Science classes. However there was one year where Science became a very specialsubject. I was in third grade and our teacher Mr. Knapp was new to school. He came to the primary section with brand new ideas and different ways of teaching. He was our classroom teacher and taught usScience in such a way that we were highly motivated. One of the topics I can remember was our rainforest theme. We had a large terrarium in the class and we had to observe the different types ofplants that were there. Then he would add more plants and one day he got a small green lizard. When we found the lizard, he had some questions on the black board that we had to answer. That was the bestpet we ever had and we learnt about how different lizards live in different habitats and what kind of food they had to eat. When a teacher challenges their students and allows them to ask the questions,observe, wonder and even make mistakes, it really is a lifelong lesson.
After an appealing learning experience in third grade, I just continued to be intrinsically motivated with Science throughoutmy student life as well as my adult life. During my high school years I became more fascinated with physics and chemistry. I very much enjoyed my senior year in chemistry than in any other year dueto the fact that the curriculum was about organic compounds such as hydrocarbons. I was so fascinated by them that my first choice for a university career was Petroleum Engineering. However, my firstchoice was not available in the universities I wanted to attend so I thought of other ways to link what I liked to do with a chosen profession. Then I started investigating a bit more about engineeringand I did not like the focus and curriculum it offered in Colombia. I tried applying abroad but there were financial problems at home. So unfortunately I was not able to pursue my first choice....
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