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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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It is the story of a kid who had a bad time in his youth. His father was an angry tattooed man’s man and a drunken traveler salesman who paid his anger with his children. The kid after 13 years ofabuses wished that his father were dead. Unfortunately, for him his wish came true, he blamed himself and hated even more his dad for 40 years. Until one day, he realized the true nature of the actionsmade by his dad. He was a frustrated man, because his own father died when he was 12 and the stepfather was a bad person with him. Therefore, at the age of 14 after something his grandfather did tohim he ran away from home and joined the carnival. When he grown up more he found a job as a salesman. He was a brilliant man with an eight-grade education reduced to knocking doors and imploring to themerchant to buy his advertising promotions. He never spoke to anyone about his problems, so his pain turned into anger.
Those things can happen to a normal person leading him to a self-destructivepersonality. If that dad had spoken with someone, probable he hadn’t died bitter, depressed and with resentment.

Jacobo: Anger is an emotion that humans experience at some point of his life by anyabusive situation or frustration feelings. Although all of us experience anger during our lives, the way you express your feelings is different, and your response to a stressful situation can varyfrom a mild and harmless venting of your frustrations to an aggressive and even violent form of action. This aggressive style of anger is learned through observation and experience. Now, we are gone totalk about the differents styles.

Carlos: Anger is an emotional behavior that it is easily learned, especially in children, the brain of a child it’s like a sponge; they absorb everything they seeand hear around them. A child that is surrounded by anger will take it as a normal behavior. Abused children with aggressive parents will always imitate this same behavior, the same with children...
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