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  • Publicado : 7 de diciembre de 2011
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Adolescence has frequently been assumed as a phase with increased vulnerability to risk factors present in the environment, which is why many social projects aimed at this population are oriented tothe prevention of difficulties such as teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, truancy and delinquency. This article, without loosing sight of the importance of prevention programs, argues in favor of creatingmore projects of adolescent participation that emphasize their strengths and their capacities to impact their environment as social agents. Experiences with a participative orientation and which seekto develop the youngster's social agency provide a starting point for these reflections. Some suggestions and key points to consider by social community psychologists that work with this population,from this perspective, are presented. t is very well-known for all that the adolescence is a period of permanent transformation; of changes at physical, cognitive, psychological and social level. Inthis work I will assume the understood adolescence between the 15 and 18 years, because it is in this age range in which you/they are based the professional experiences that here refer and inconsequence the description and conception that I sustain regarding this population.

For fortune, the adolescent is no longer conceived as "unsound", but as complex, to be in a moment in that many crisisand conflicts product of the stress are given which you/they generate the changes (Craig, 1988). In the same way, the natural pressures coming from themselves and of the environment they areunavoidable, whereas of the adolescents it is expected they begin their process of independence, closing cycles of study of basic and half education, and incorporating formally to the productive labor activity.A | G | D | K | L | U | W | U | F | P |
D | E | F | G | K | C | P | O | P | O |
O | D | A | S | A | O | E | G | E | P |
L | H | C | T | H | M | D | E | M | U |
E | Q | T | C | J | M | V |...
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