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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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Consequences of drug trafficking in the drug mundanely are the trafficking of illicit drugs. This produces things such as the unit, which leads to crime and also tofinance the guerrillas. Permissive and fatalistic attitudes of the past, have made possible that the drug problem has reached proportions of epidemic we face today.Link to the current problem of drug traffickers, goes beyond the repression and the issues of public health, because it makes a threat to economic and socialorder in the whole world .
Drugs produce addiction in all people and also the loss of doing things. To be one dependent on Narcotics, that traffic their drugs generatemore money, so it still dealing to make even more money
.When someone is dependent, it is necessary to have some way to get money (to satisfy their desire to), byarriving to pay huge sums of money for their needs.
When this has no money, becomes more dangerous, as he is able to kill by having what you want, the drug.Lately, the number of people addicted to drugs, has increased. Preventive campaigns, which are not effective and are unattractive has been to reduce these rates.
It isalso almost impossible that an addict can stop consuming drugs willingly. In human psychology, it is normal to want to know new sensations, so that on variousoccasions that curiosity leads us to consume drugs.
This usually occurs in young children, which, by nature, we like to learn new things .Solution Ya which cannot besettled disputes through legal means, each level of the drug industry participants are inclined to compete among themselves through violent methods

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