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Speech 1101
Alejandra Garza
M. Tillmann

1. Explain the essential parts of communication process

In the communication process there are five elements involved, a speaker, channel,audience, and a response.
The speaker is the person trying to communicate the idea or ideas to a public. The message which the speaker makes sure is clear; the speaker needs to understand hismessage in order for the audience to understand. Channel is the way where a message is transmitted. Channel can be transmitted through hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching. Audience is thewhole point for the speaker to communicate an idea. Without an audience the message fails. And the last part of the communication process is the response, if the message was successful, and thespeaker was able to inform, entertain or persuade.
The essential parts of the communication process are parts in the communication process and knowing them helps the communicator understand a speechand how to be prepared to give speeches not only to a group of people, but to a single person too. It helps the communicator to be more confined with his speaking skills.

2. Explain how acommunicator develops self-confidence

To develop a self-confidence while speaking to a public practice and preparation are the keys for success. Practicing gives confidence to the speaker, because heknows what he’s doing and knows the materials. Also preparation having all the requirements ready. Using the three steps of imagery also gives self-confidence to the communicator.
Systematicrelaxation, relax the body face shoulders, legs. The speaker transmitted whether or not his body is relaxed, that image given to an audience helps the speakers to be more confidence . Picturing afavorite or peaceful place, picturing a place that makes the communicator fell good. Sometimes picturing something that’s not there taking the speaker to a place that he rather be in makes the speaker...
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