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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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a) Product: Teaching out technology and know-ledge from Sweden. Mostly focused at new energy sources like wind craft.
b) The globalization and the global warming is a “hot” topic nowadays aroundthe world. Everywhere people are searching for new ways to "save the earth" and that’s why we know that it’s a great product that we can introduce internationally. We have the technology andknowledge.
c) The target for our product is students who are interested in technology. We don’t think that the obstacles are going to be that great because of the (in Mexico) willing to learn more,especially from the European countries. This will make the universities that we are going to introduce this product to interested because of the benefit they will have of having this unique program at theiruniversity. But obstacles could be substitutes to this program even if this is a new concept there are other education programs that includes technology.
d) ??

* Morecompetitive cost of electricity
* Efficient and reliable delivery on an industrial and global scale
* Renewanble energy source
* Clean energy - reduce carbon emissions, small effect on globalwarming
* Still expensive
* Disturbing noise

Wind power is the renewable energy source that increases the most in the world and is an important source of energy in efforts to reducecarbon emissions. Preliminary production figures for 2011 show that wind power produced 6.1 TWh of electricity with an installed capacity of nearly 3,000 MW. It is just over 4% of electricityconsumption in Sweden.
Wind through the ages
Harnessing the wind to different things is an ancient art, and already 3000 years ago teaches there have been windmills in China and Japan. During the 1200swindmills were increasingly common in Europe and the wind became one of the main energy sources and remained there until the late 1800s.
The modern wind power technology started in earnest in the late...
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