Nervous system

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Functions of the Nervous System
The principal functions of this system are:
* Communication and coordination
* Site of reasoning-your brain
* Two divisions=
1. Central NervousSystem- Movements, speaking, thinking, reasoning and others. Is the brain and spinal cord.
2. Peripheral nervous system- The sensibility. The nerves.

1. Denditries- Caryy electric impulses tothe cell.
2. Axon- Is the opposite, carry impulses away from the cell.
3. Myelin shealth-
4. Synaptic terminal: (Process)
* Epinephrine
* NorepinephrineNeurotransmiters
* Acetylcholine

Afferent- (Feeling) Sensory nerves carry message to brain.
Efferent- (Exit) Motor neurons carry message from brain to muscle to react.

Both – Associate.Central Nervous System
The brain and spinal cord are the organs of the central nervous system .
The brain is divided into the cerebrum, brain stem, and cerebellum.
-It controls everything in thebody.
-More than million nerves.

* Cerebrum- Largest part of the brain which is divided in 2 parts (hemisfers).
--Controls your thinking, memory and speaking (movement and info. of senseorgans)
* Brain stem- Is unconscious. Basic functions (heart, breathing, swallowing, digestion, blood pressure).
--Connects the brain and spinal cord
* Cerebellum- Tiny part, is located below theoccipital lobes of the cerebrum.
--Controls your balance and your posture

If the neurons don´t receive oxygen in more than 3 minutes, they die.

-Stroke- You can lose movement, it depends in theregion where it happens.

Spinal Cord- Extends from the foramen magnum to the second lumbar vertebras.
--Sends messages to the brain
And has 2 functions:
1. Serving as a conduction pathwayfor impulses going to and from the brain.
2. Serving as a reflex center.
-Is divided in 3 parts: Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar (in 31 segments).
-Contains both afferent and efferent neurons....
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