Never back down

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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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Never Back Down
Is about a family of 4 ,but the father died , , Jack Tyler anormal teen was very troubled and was easily irritable when other person named his father recently died in a accident
that he feel guilty,his brother was a tennis star and for this reason they will have go to other placer, in the new institute of Jack Tyler and he met to BajaMiller who invite a jack to a party, he will go to the party, and he is surprised of all all but is obliged to fight like Ryan McCarthy andhe gives a beating , Jack Tyler humiliated for what happened , begins to take classes with Jean Roque( MMA Fighter)
Jack began to train andBaja Miller went to Jack to apologize with him because of what happened on the party but he doesnt acepts the apology, he continues with his normallife, but one day he had a discussion with Ryan Mccarthy and he got angry, they had a fight in which he wins, a friend records the fight andupload it to the web and Jack was more popular on the institute. Next day jack had to train, but Jean Roque expells jack from the gym. He listenedabout THE CAMPAL and asks a friend about it. they talk with jean roque so jack can train again with him. Jack didnt wanted to go to the campalbut Ryan Mccarthy forced him to go. In the Campal Ryan Mccarthy is disqualified and Jack Tyler ,surrenders and they fight outside and Tyler wins
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