Nicomachean ethics, friendship

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  • Publicado : 28 de mayo de 2011
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Aristotle says that friendship is a virtue and not only that but what is most necessary in life, is the need to not be covered with nothing more than pure friendship. Friendship is necessary at allstages of life for oneself, is a haven while assistance is our way as people. Friendship is also a form of union between people, so we praise those who love their fellow men because it is a veryimportant virtue. We should not consider friendship as something necessary, that it is, but as one of the best things, as something beautiful.

The author claims there is widespread confusion, for nothaving enough thought on the term of friendship. Some say that friendship arises from the similarities between people and others the opposite, that friendship arises from the differences. Aristotlemakes a clear view of the disparity of views, defining the kinds of friendship.

The purpose of friendship is not to seek its own benefit, nor friendship can call any object because there is noreciprocity, pure friendship is wanting the other's good for others and not yourself. When you want the good of others are benevolent but must be a mutual benevolence that we call friendship.

The threetypes of friendship, are filled with feelings of friendship but for how they want the other. There are those who want to interest those who want to pleasure and pure friendship.

In the firstand second kind, those who want the interest and those who want the pleasure, affection due to the own good of themselves in the first case and the second the love due to your own pleasure and not asis the other person but for their own use or pleasure. These two types of friendship are merely the result of one's own benefit where the friend does not want so you are easy to dissolve friendshipsthat from the moment they cease to be useful or agreeable to each other, they stop loving each other.

The third kind is the perfect friendship is one in which men are good and equal in virtue,...
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